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Market 2000 Supports Local Charities in PNG

Australian based company, Sanitarium Healthy Wellbeing through its Papua New Guinean distributor, Market 2000 donated K11 000 worth of Sanitarium Weet Bix products to two local charities in Papua New Guinea recently.

The two charities were Life PNG Care and Operation Food for Life based in Port Moresby.

Life PNG Care received 20 boxes of the breakfast cereals worth K5000 while Operation Food for Life received 25 boxes worth K6000.

Pastor philip Vaki who runs the Operation Food for Life described the donations as timely.

He thanked the Managing Director of Market 2000 Bernard Fong for his generosity towards his organisation which supports 30 children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He said, many children go to school without breakfast and this donation will help them feed these children.

He said, the nutritional benefit of the Weet-Bix is immense and will help the child concentrate well in the classrooms.

This is just one of many projects carried out by Operation Food for Life in Papua New Guinea.

The plan is to educate children right up to University, teaching them life values to integrate them back into the society.

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