PNG Finance Minister Abel urges Prime Minister Marape to embrace O'Neill's good Policies

PNG Finance Minister Charles Abel has called on the government to embrace the good policies of the former government under the leadership of Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill.

The former deputy prime minister said the two good policies include the district and provincial service improvement program and major infrastructure projects like the rehabilitation of the Highlands highway.

Mr Abel who is Alotau MP and leader of Our Development Party said the recent political maneuvering was because people wanted to remove the former prime minister O’Neill.

“People had the desire to change and we have a new Prime Minister. We now have to leave aside politics. It is now time to work,” Mr Abel said. “There have been governments in the past, like our government under PNC, previous government also did some good work, accidents along the way was also there, but some good policies under the former prime minister and former government including former Finance Minister and Prime Minister today.

“When I land at Kagamuga airport, I saw some small changes in Hagen, the airport, the road and hospital , new administration building, and development in districts.

“Programs like DSIP/PSIP to support districts and LLGs, and support council wards to bring in development and services to the rural areas s are very important programs. “We must not forget these kind of programs , we can launch all kinds of development plans in district, province and national plans , but if no money comes down to the district level, how do we implement these plans? “We must continue to guard these plans to continue the rural focus where the majority of people live.

“Prime Minister (James Marape) you were part and parcel of the previous government also, there are new ideas, we must also support the new ideas and also bring in the good ideas of the past to bring the country forward. “There are some simple priorities Prime Minister that we must support, one of them is the upgrading of the Highlands highway. For a very long time, we did other works but we forget about some major and very important infrastructure like the Highlands highway. “There is currently the US$1 billion ADB program (and it) is very important. “Once and for all we must rehabilitate the Highlands Highway from Lae all the way to Hela Province. Let’s give it a priority. “Mipla pilai pilai nambaut na lus tingting long ol major infrastructure (We are politicking and forgot about major infrastructure) “Prime Minister some of the good programs that we have had in the past government, bring it in with some good new vision and ideas of yours, we will support them.”

Mr Abel had addressed people in Tambul, Western Highlands Province, at the launch of the district’s five-year development plan.

Post Courier/ One PNG
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