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Fiji Economy in good hands: PM Bainimarama

The Fijian economy will withstand a slump in international economic growth thanks to a strong foundation over the last 10 years.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says the government has positioned the economy to be able to take a hit and keep charging forward.

“The world economy is facing slower growth in the years ahead. There are doubters out there trying to throw salt on Fiji’s economic prospects. When it comes to keeping our economy growing, our level of patriotism will once again be the defining quality of our success. We have already grown our economy for ten straight years, this has never happened before in our history so we know our economy is in good hands.”

Speaking to landowners in the Pine industry, Bainimarama adds ground-breaking economic performance has also helped to fund a number of government initiatives such as better infrastructure, free education, and various new services.

The Prime Minister said businesses must operate with transparency and honour, and remember to share the benefits with all stakeholders to improve the lives of all Fijians.

He said politicians from the opposition will never stop the government from forging ahead with its plans.

Bainimarama told landowners not to listen to detractors as he officiated at a lease bonus payout.

While handing over $7 million(US$3.1 million) in lease bonus payouts on behalf of Fiji Pine limited, the Prime Minister urged resource owners not to be swayed by nay-sayers.

“Don’t listen to them. These are the same people who criticized my government 8 years ago when we first took on the mammoth task of reforming this company to save it from bankruptcy. We’ve never let Opposition politicians stop us from doing what’s right. Not now, and not ever.”

Bainimarama advised landowners to invest wisely whether in the stock exchange, opening up a business or improving their land.

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