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TOTAL Sponsors Reptile exhibit in PNG

Total has sponsored K10, 000 towards the completion of Port Moresby Nature Park’s Reptile Haus exhibit.

Managing Director of Total E&P PNG Mr Jean-Marc Noiray said, “Total would like to salute the work done by Port Moresby Nature Park for the reptile Haus opening, which will play a key role in educating on reptiles conservation and snakebite management.”

Mr Noiray added, “Total is committed to taking biodiversity into account in its projects and operations, while ensuring the safety of its employees and neighbouring communities. We are therefore proud to partner with the Port Moresby Nature Park in supporting education of the general public on the values of biodiversity and conservation as well as prevention and management of snake bite.”

The Reptile Haus is the Nature Park’s most complicated exhibit built to date and continues to highlight the park’s commitment to international animal welfare standards.

Total has joined five other organizations that include Curtain Brothers, Moni Plus, Goodman Fielder, The National and Oil Search in ensuring the success of running the Snaketastic! event and celebrating PNG’s first and only Reptile Haus.

Nature Park’s General Manager Ms Michelle McGeorge said, “We’re grateful to have Total come on board and support the Park through this sponsorship and in supporting us with our Snaketastic! event. It is truly a great way for everyone to learn about the uniqueness of snakes and snakebite first aid.”

Each weekend until 13 October, the Nature Park is holding Snaketastic! with event partners St John Ambulance and the Charles Campbell Toxinology Centre, are putting on presentations and displays including snake talks, first aid demonstrations, talks on how anti-venom medication is made as well as short movies on the issues of snakebites in PNG.

The National is participating with a full-page pull out that includes a snakes and ladders game and entry form for a park quiz with amazing prizes to be won.

Further information can be found on Port Moresby Nature Park’s Facebook page or by contacting 326 0248/326 0258.
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