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MEDIA RELEASE, SEPTEMBER 09, 2019: NCD Governor Powes Parkop today condemned violence inflicted on a female Lae Snax Tigers supporter and subsequent destruction of windscreens of vehicles by opportunists outside the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby yesterday (Sunday, September 9, 2019).

The drama , he said, was believed to have been ignited by unfavourable outcome of the 2019 Digicel Cup's grand final match between the Lae Snax Tigers and Hela Kroton Wigmen who lost the game 15-4.

The female was alleged to have been stripped and assaulted by opportunists outside Boroko Post Office when she was heading there to hope on her car which was parked. It was reported in the local media that her car’s windscreen was smashed.

His condemnation was also extended to other vehicles which were reported to have their windscreens stoned as well.

He urged residents who have helpful information regarding the incident to assist police to identify the culprits and have them arrested.

However, Governor Parkop said he was working very tirelessly to improve peace and security in the city through various programs and interventions.

He labelled the incident as work of opportunists and does not reflect the behavior of the whole ethnic group.

Parkop commended the police unit for intervening to prevent what would have been a sexual assault.

He assured the international community, women and girls, and other city dwellers that was a one-off incident.

He also called on the organizers of the cup to beef up security in future within and outside the parameters of the stadium.

He said he would discuss with them and other relevant stakeholders a way forward on how to avoid such incident in future.
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