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Scuffle between PMV Drivers Turns nasty in Port Moresby

By Gregory Avira/FM100

Quick response from police this morning prevented a scuffle between two bus drivers from escalating further.

According to police at the scene the driver of a route 12 bus had taken up both lanes at the bus stop, preventing other buses from joining the queue.

Seeing this, a driver of a route 6 bus approached the route 12 bus driver asking him to park his bus properly and an argument ensued.

Out of frustration the route 12 bus driver rammed his bus into the back of the route 6 bus.

A fight broke out and was soon joined by members of the public.

The driver of the route 12 bus then got into his bus and drove off.

This prompted the angry crowd to start stoning other buses which saw all the buses fleeing the bus-stop area.

Fortunately a patrolling NCD Reserve Police unit was in the area and quickly dispersed the crowd and restored normalcy to traffic flow which had backed up all the way to the Hohola tunnel.

A police officer at the scene tells FM 100 News that such occurrence is common as ‘bus drivers often show no-care for traffic rules and are often too focused on making money.’

Police have confirmed that the number plates of both buses are known to them with both drivers expected to be brought in for questioning.

The incident happened between 8:15 and 8:30am.
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