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Law to protect whistleblowers: PNG PM

The Whistleblowers Act is being brought to Cabinet to protect credible witnesses who report allegations of corruption or misuse of official powers, says Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape.

Marape, in response to questions by Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta on officers from Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) reporting allegations of corruption in the company, said the Whistleblowers Act once passed would protect such witnesses.

He said it was part of the package put under the leadership of deputy prime minister Davis Steven.

“We will give protection to those who want to give evidence in relation to corruption,” Marape said.

He said conversely those who made unsubstantiated allegations would also be held to account for them.

“We are drafting a Whistle blowers Act that will protect credible witnesses who are committed to producing evidence of corruption or misuse of official powers.”

Marape said the act would complement the work of the Independent Commission Against Corruption and other related organisations such as the police and Ombudsman.

He said the Government would do its best to ensure a unified structure in which issues such as corruption were addressed expeditiously and effectively.

“There are a lot of chinks we need to tidy up to ensure that all structures of government, the law and justice sectors are in harmony and what is intended in pursuit of justice.”

Marape said the Whistleblowers Act was part of the Government’s policy ensuring Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited or any other organisations who wanted to participate in exposing corruption were protected.

He said those who were aggrieved had the right to take legal action.

Marape said the draft would be discussed further and refined by Cabinet before being tabled in the parliament.

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