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US NCIS train Fiji Police officers

United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) trainers are in Suva this week to train officers from the Sexual Offenses Unit of the Fiji Police Force on Sexual Assault Investigations.

The NCIS-funded and U.S. Embassy Suva-supported training aims to help strengthen the capacity of the Fiji Police law enforcement to provide effective and compassionate responses to victims of sexual assault while simultaneously holding offenders accountable.

The training will cover sexual offense investigations, family and child sexual assault, conducting victim and subject interviews, the processing and preservation of evidence and crime scenes, and conducting effective investigations.

NCIS Acting Assistant Special Agent in Charge Carl Tamura, at the official opening of the training this morning said, “We are proud to be collaborating with the Fiji Police Force on this training, and we look forward to working and training with you to effectively investigate these crimes while providing support to survivors and their communities," he said.

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