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Teamwork, spirit and unity are the keys to success for Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games

The success of the Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games will be all about teamwork.

“We see this as an event that the whole country will participate in, that’s the message that we’ve been talking about,” says Agafili Shem Leo, Director of Government Services on the Pacific Games Organising Committee. “This is not done for self-glory. This is done for the country driven by teamwork, spirit and unity.”

As well as volunteering as a Pacific Games Director, Agafili is in his second term as Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Government services required for the Games include safety and security as well as ensuring that proper protocols are observed at all times. 

"It’s bringing together a team of  government’s CEOs  to work as one body. Success lies in effective coordination, effective teamwork and it is important we see this as a national event.”

He is positive Samoa is going to show the sort of warm hospitality the country is well known for in July.

“We are ensuring things are done on time and delivered to the best of our ability,” he adds. “We are providing the best services we can for the Games and to host our friends and our partners from around the region.”

Being involved with the Games has given him the opportunity to achieve the ultimate driver in his life, serving his people.

Agafili started his career as a teacher when he finished university.

“Two years into that profession, the thought came to mind where I could serve my people better,” he continue. “There was a burning desire in me to become more involved in strengthening governance and being associated with that arena.

“The work of government is interdependence not independence and success always requires teamwork.”.

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