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ABG President Momis educates News editors on the BPA

The ABG President Grand Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS today had the privilege to talk to reporters from all PNG and Bougainville media outlets on the status of the Bougainville Peace Agreement and why the referendum was inserted as an activity that will allow the Bougainvilleans decide their future political status in a democratic referendum.
He explained on the history of how it all began and how past governments have refused to entertain the wishes of the people of Bougainville to determine their own future.
President MOMIS said the fight for self-determination began long before the independence of Papua New Guinea.
He said him as the Regional member tried to include the wishes of the people through the decentralization process in which the National Government continued to suppress the provinces from becoming too powerful.
President MOMIS said the people of Bougainville wanted to have the powers to run their affairs under the Provincial Government system.
But this did not work because the Government continued to draw back those powers to Waigani.
He said what the people of Bougainville wanted was for them to participate in the distribution of powers to the rural communities so that they can be able to operate in their communities.
President Momis said that he was still confident that the outcome of the referendum will be beneficial for both Bougainville and Papua New Guinea and will bring lasting peace on Bougainville. New Dawn FM
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