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Bad Attitudes costly for Port Moresby

Our attitudes mean a lot to us and our society. Depending on our attitudes (Pasin blo yumi or eda mauri daladia), our society will be reflected accordingly. So, good attitudes portrays a good society whilst bad ones will bring about a sorry state of affairs in our society.

The setting applies appropriately to our City of Port Moresby. Our attitudes contribute significantly to the wellbeing of our city and the welfare of its residents.

Such is the significance of this feature in us (human beings) and this aspect of our human make-up plays an integral part in the overall setting of our society. In reality, the good or the bad of a society is dependent on the attitude of the inhabitants.

The repeated calls from the City Hall for a change in attitude in how we think, in our appreciation and understanding of issues and in our reactions to situations is for the very reason to make Port Moresby a modern, liveable city.

Sadly, our continuous appeals for change is forced on us by the negative attitude of some of our residents. We make the call because we feel residents are not responding well to the aims and aspirations of the Commission for a better Port Moresby.

Attitudes of disrespect, lack of appreciation and understanding or sheer ignorance of authority have contributed to the down side of Port Moresby. Yes, we can attribute this status quo to the varying intellectual levels of people and the diversified backgrounds that make up Port Moresby, but I am sure we can adjust ourselves to imply the condition of our surroundings.

Port Moresby has an environment that is conducive to modern living. Regardless of your intelligence or your status, the sight of our city and the authority, which it holds as the capital city of Papua New Guinea, demand the right type of attitude to compliment the modern surroundings we all live in.

The kind of attitude seen in our city as reflected by the happenings in the city leaves a lot to be desired and certainly warrants the call for a degree of adjustments to suit the environment we are in.

The careless attitude leading to defacing and damaging of public facilities, the uncontrolled littering and the wilful disregard for the rules and regulations imposed by authorities are the very behaviours referred to, that are causing concerns for authorities including NCDC as the governing authority of Port Moresby city.

In my last column, I highlighted the need for all of us to treat Port Moresby as a modern city with the right attitude to suit the modern setting. I elaborated that Port Moresby is not a rural village and therefore, it should not be regarded as such with the negative approaches.

I also mentioned that when in Port Moresby our attitudes should change from the village expectation to the one that is of a modern city.
Some may infer that it will take a while to adjust our attitudes and lifestyles, but to fit into the environment and for Port Moresby’s case of a modern environment we should re-adjust ourselves.

As a responsible organisation, NCDC has involved itself with programs that help to make the necessary change in attitude and the mindset of residents. The NCD Governor’s Active City program is one such program that is fully supported by the Commission to focus on behavioural change of our people.

It may be take a whole, but it is working with desired outcomes. Overtime the constant hammering of the relevant messages of change into the mindset of the city residents is causing a realisation of the demands of a modern city.

Port Moresby demands the right attitude from all of us to fit in well into its modern environment. The modern setting of Port Moresby entails respect, a sense of belonging and appreciation, and a feeling of caring for a just and equal society for our success and prosperity.

A change-in attitude with a right frame of mind set and an appropriate approach to better living in our city-is what we need for Port Moresby.

Picture: Bernard Kipit, City Manager
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