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14 of 49 former Solomon Islands MPs contest as Independents

Fourteen of the 49 Members of last Parliament will contest as Independents in the April 3 National General Elections.

Former MP for West Kwaio, Peter Tom will not defend his seat in the election after he passed away last year.

The 14 MPs are Jackson Fiulaua (Central Kwara’ae), Manasseh Damukana Sogavare (East Choiseul), Duddley Kopu (Temotu Pele), Bradley Tovosia (East Guadalcanal), Standley Festus Sofu (East Kwaio), Augustine Auga (Lau Baelelea), Nesta Giro (Central Makira), John Dean Kuku (North New Georgia), Dickson Mua (Savo Russell), Dr Tautai Angikimua Kaitu’u (Rennell and Bellona), Peter Shanel Agovaka (Central Guadalcanal), Namson Tran (West Honiara), Elijah Doro Muala (South Choiseul) and Silas Kerry Vangara Tausinga (West New Georgia Vonavona).

The other 35 former MPs are contesting under different political parties.

Thirteen of them are contesting under Solomon Islands Democratic Party led by wing leader Mathew Wale.
Kadere Party led by wing leader John Maneniaru, is fielding nine former MPs.

The Democratic Alliance Party which had seven successful candidates in the 2014 election has reduced to only five MPs recontesting under its banner.

People’s Alliance Party has five also and three for United Democratic Party.

In the meantime, Jimson Tananganda who caused an upset in the 2014 National General Election is not recontesting the Gizo-Kolobangara seat. His wife, Lannelle Tananganda who replaced him in the By-Election will be recontesting it against former Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Freda T Soriacomua is also recontesting the Temotu VATUD seat after being removed by an election petition.

The successful petitioner and former Member of Parliament Clay Forau is also vying to regain that seat.

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