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PM O'Neill in Madang, Kramer disrupts event

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has landed in Madang, for his second visit to the province in the space of a week.

Mr O'Neill and his delegation of ministers and department heads were welcomed by Governor Peter Yama at the airport.

The PM performed the  groundbreaking of the Madang Airport upgrade and expansion, however, it was riddled by  Madang Brian Kramer who blatantly “gate crashed” the official ground breaking ceremony of the K77 million Madang airport upgrading this morning.

​Unabashed by the presence of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and 15 other Cabinet Ministers plus officials, Mr Kramer and his supporters moved in on the ceremony and through a loud speaker system they had installed prior to the event, issued challenges against the Prime Minister and the government.
Police were called in to control the situation to prevent a possible clash of supporters as soon as the Prime Minister was leaving for his other official event where he will open the restored Banamb Bridge.

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