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279 candidates to contest Solomon Islands election

Solomon Islands Electoral Commission has received 279 nominated candidates by noon Wednesday.

Chief Electoral Commission Mose Saetala confirmed his office have received 279 nominated candidates.

He said his staff are still compiling feedback from around the country.

“279 candidates were received by noon. I expect more by close of nomination today (Wednesday),” he said.

Island Sun was unable to get further feedback to confirm the total nominated candidates last night.

It is likely that the number of candidates contesting for the 2019 National General Election will be reduced compared to 2010 and 2014.

In 2010 there were 509 candidates contested while in 2014 it was further reduced to 443.

This might be attributed to the increase of registration fee of SBD$5000(US$625).

Meanwhile, a total of 92 candidates were nominated for the 14 constituencies in Malaita province as official nomination closed on Wednesday.

The data was collected from Returning Officers across the province as well as SIEC Head Office, for those who did their registration in Honiara.

Election Manager for Malaita Province, Pearson Simi said the final data will be presented today if his office receives any data from SIEC Head Office in Honiara.

Adding that if not then this is the final data collected of candidates to contest 14 parliamentary seats in the province in the upcoming NGE.

He said number of candidates nominated for each constituency are as followed, Aoke Langa Langa constituency; Matthew Copper Wale, David Faradatolo and Vincent Talauburi Anisi.

Baegu Asifoloa constituency; David Wanesiofa Tome, Robert Iroga, Gabriel Kwanae Suri, Tagini Makario, George Kaloda Suri and Elijah Asilaua.

Central Kwara’ae constituency; Jackson Fiulaua, Ben Bau, David Diosi, Alick Hagi, Alick Maeaba, Ms Clera Gore Rikimani and Silas Auramo.

East Kwaio constituency; Festus Stanley Sofu, Alfred Sasako, Diki Joses Kolosu, Francis Sisimia and Philip Junior Ika.

East Malaita constituency; Manasseh Maelanga, Evan Gerea, William Baefua, Roy Funu and Finley Fiumae.
East Are Are constituency; Peter Kenilorea Junior, Andrew Manepora’a and Michael Tokii.

Fataleka constituency; Rexon Annex Ramofafia, Elson Lade, Moffat Ramofafia, Ross Siosi, Flex Laumae Kabini, Luke Mani, Allen Jose Bae and Steve William Abana.

Lau Mbaelelea constituency; Judson Lee Leafasia, Harry Philip, Augustine Auga Maeue, Frank Konairara Tabai, Tony Makabo, Lawinter Kelesi Ki’I and Stepheson Otainao.

Malaita Outer Islands; Wendy Amangongo, Benjamin Kemaili, Leslie Tarzan Holosivi, Clay Hugo Kahano, Martin Mokolo Kealoe, Steward Polycarp Noholia and Edward Kolohai.

North Malaita constituency; Levi Senley Filualea, George Senisi, Jimmy Lusibaea, Agnes Gaope’e, Tomy Takili, Glen Waneta Alifeo and Frederick Kwanairara.

Small Malaita constituency; Abednigo Maeohu, Rick Nelson Houenipwela, Elwin Aldrin Awaoli, Christopher Wate, Fr John Patteson Ngelihesi and William Haomae.

West Are Are constituency; John Maneniaru and Peter Chanel Ramohia.

West Kwaio constituency; Michael Masugea, Fred Nguiburi Saega, John Girifione, Graham Tom Ete’omea, Bobby Kelly, Joseph Primo Baetolingia, Rinaldo Aleadalo, Robert Houramo, Titus Mokofi Fika, Jackson Gege, John Daufanamae, Harry Sinau Tobi, Patricia Mae Dally and Alfred Afeau.

And West Kwara’ae constituency; Bernard Gale, A;fred J.M Tuasulia, Clement Koba’e Oikali, Robert Lafisi, Fr Davidson Ngwaeramo, Sam Shenuel Iduri, Francis Lomo and Charles Dausabea.

Simi said nomination has closed and date for withdrawal is February 25 which is Monday next week.....

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