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Minister Maru welcomes Lae Mobile Squad

Minister Maru said the move to have MS13 in his district is to ensure law & order is maintained as the multi-million Kina Sepik Chicken, Grain and Cocoa Project kicks off construction phase in the coming weeks. He urged the team to ensure the protection of State assets.

 “You are not here for holidays, I want action and I want results. We know Lae has really improved in law & order and this is attributed in part to the Lae Police command, discipline and culture. So we’ve brought you here to see if you can make a difference,” Minister Maru said.

He instructed the police not to engage in any out-of-court settlements, nor encourage any Police mediation. He said out-of-court settlements and mediation promoted bad behavior, therefore, all those who engage in criminal activities must now face the full brunt of the law.

Section Commander, Sergeant William Wimbi, said several arrests of criminals have already been made and assured the Minister that law breakers will be put behind bars.

 Special Sepik Economic Zone (SEZ) Project Implementation Manager,Thomas Yehiwara, said there is zero tolerance for anyone who attempts to disrupt the progress of this major economic project in the district and province.

 The Minister has directed MS13 to patrol the four LLG’s in the district both day and night in order to curb all elicit activities including home-brew making and other disorderly behaviours.

Minister Maru added that all outstanding murder and rape cases will now be revisited and the perpetrators will be hunted down and brought to justice.
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