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10 Solomon Islands MPs investigated for corruption

There are 10 cases of corruption involving Members of Parliament (MPs) that are currently under active investigation by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley revealed this at his weekly conference at the Rove Police Headquarters, last Thursday.

“There are 10 active investigations that are occurring at the moment,” Varley said.

He said there are other cases that are before court or in front of the DPP for assessment.

Varley again brushed aside allegation that there is going to be a mass arrest of Members of Parliament (MPs) planned, adding that is a fabrication and a complete lie.

“We will deal with cases individually as they come up for finalisation and as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) sanction them for charges.

“We will do that in our own time when the evidence is ready,” Varley said.

Varley said when took over as police commissioner; he discovered there were a lot of cases on their books in the corruption team that was not resolved for many years.

He said there was also no rule system for them to be able to priorities and triage those cases.

“... so for the past year, we have been developing and implementing a new review and triage system on corruption cases in the RSIPF.

“I can tell you that almost 100 of those cases have been fully reviewed, categorised and prioritised.”

The police chief said they have close off 18 cases that did not have satisfactory evidence or did not meet the standard for a reasonable prosecution in court after assessing them.

“However there are 75 cases currently on hand in the corruption team.

“Those cases are in various stages of progress and they have all being reviewed under our new triage system and they have been reviewed and categorised not only by the corruption team but also by senior management in the RSIPF.”

He said out of that, there 10 active investigations that are occurring at the moment.

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