Port Moresby's Vision City thinks of tax deal to keep prices low

THE Vision City Mega Mall in Port Moresby is trying to negotiate with the Government for a special tax scheme on branded goods as it plans for the next stage of extension of the mall, says manager Anderson Ting.
This is so that it is ready for the next phase of development.
“We will negotiate with the Government if we can apply for a certain tax scheme for retailers to come in,” Ting said.
“We need to say that every item that they sell is tax-free, so that they do not price it too high.”
“The Chinese spend a lot of money in Fiji on shopping.
“You will not believe what you see.
“I do not believe that they can even buy in bulk (in Fiji) because the price is cheap.
“With this tax scheme, we can invite branders and designers.
“We will try to negotiate with the Government because without these schemes, the branders will not be coming in because they do not have the volume to trade.”
Timg said phase 3 of the mega mall would include more than 60 new retail shops over the next few years.
“Phase 3 will be commercial,” he said.
“Phase 4 will be residential.
“There is space at the back of the service station.
“The land is very big and I hope that we will have a mini fire department at phase 3.”  The National/ONEPNG
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