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New RSIPF gym and TCU office open at Rove Headquarters in Honiara

The capability of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Transnational Crime Unit and the wellbeing and fitness of officers in the Force will be boosted with the opening today (10 August 2018) of new office space for the two functions at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara.       
“Today marks an important milestone for the RSIPF with the opening of new office space to accommodate the Transnational Crime Unit (TCU) together with the Interpol Desk and a new Health and Wellness Centre (Gym),” says RSIPF Commissioner Matthew Varley.
Commissioner Varley adds: “The TCU and Interpol will now have an office of their own and this will certainly boost the capabilities of the RSIPF as we have a strong Transnational Crime Unit here as we continue to serve our people.”
He explained, “The work of these two Units is going to be critically important for the security of this country. The TCU and the Interpol Desk will be the hub of our efforts to cooperate with our partners within Solomon Islands and in the Pacific region and beyond.”
“And the Police officers here in Honiara will also benefit from the new RSIPF Health and Wellness centre (gym) that will not only boost physical wellness but also health of our officers in making sure they are healthy and strong,” says Commissioner Varley.
Commissioner Varley thanked the Australian Federal Police (AFP) under the Solomon Islands Police Development Project (SIPDP) for funding the two new offices.
The AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin, who completed a three-day visit of the RSIPF today, also took part in the opening of the two new offices.

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