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Port Moresby Power Station to cut Generation costs

The new Port Moresby Power Station is expected to cut PNG Powers generation costs by tens of millions of kina.

Niu Power CEO, Richard Robinson, said this during a tour of the POM Power Station.

“This is monstrously at lower cost than anything else that PNG Power have on their Port Moresby grid.

“Whilst you will need to talk to PNG Power to get the actual figures, our understanding is that once this power station is online, the annual savings from PNG Power, from their cost of generation will be tens of millions of kina.”

The Power Station is midway through completion and is expected to be fully operational by January 2019.

The POM Power Station uses natural gas supplied by the PNG LNG project to feed six high efficiency Reciprocating Gas engines and generators.

It will produce 58MW base load power to the Port Moresby power grid through a new 66kv power line and substation network.​
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