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No political discussions over West Papua: MSG

The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) will not engage in political discussions over the West Papua issue, says MSG Secretariat director general Amena Yauvoli.

Speaking to The Fiji Times during the MSG Regional Security Strategy working group meeting in Nadi, he said human rights issues related to the West Papua people’s plight were best left to international organisations that dealt with such concerns.

“I play the role of director general of the Melanesian Spearhead Secretariat, they (Indonesia) are an associate member of the MSG and their role in this is they are a full working group member and they participate effectively,” he said.

“We have a common enemy and that is crime. “Set politics aside, we need to resolve this common enemy by working together with Indonesia being the gateway from Asia. “And this is something, from the perspective of security, we will be able to work with Indonesia to be able to resolve this — and of course with other partners such as Australia, New Zealand and those willing to protect this region.”

Yauvoli added that human rights concerns about the West Papua issue were best left to international organisations who could best address them.

“The human rights issue has a different body that looks after it. This body is not for human rights, this body deals with issues that ensure security is maintained throughout the region.

“Human rights is dealt with in Geneva, it is not in us and that process runs on its own course and right now we are focusing predominantly on how we can better secure our borders,” he said.


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