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Over hundreds of youths in the National Capital District (NCD) joined the InterYouth Wave (IYW) Walk on Saturday, which started at 6am from Bethel Centre, Waigani and ended around 8am at Tabari place, Boroko.

IYW Event Manager Judah Memafu stated that the occasion was anything but what they had anticipated.

“The turnout definitely exceeded our expectations with a border of about seven hundred to nine hundred people who participated in the walk itself,” said Mr Memafu.

“The number went up more than that when we came down to Tabari for the actual outreach program.”

At Tabari place, the youths performed song and dance items in front of a massive crowd, as well as sharing of the Word.

“The aim of the wave walk was basically to reach out to people and show them God’s love which we achieved, and more,” said Mr Memafu.

He added that the event was the first evangelical one of its kind in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for this year and that IYW were looking forward to bringing the wave walk rally back for next year, 2019.

IYW thanked the good Governor Powes Parkop for joining the walk from Waigani all the way down to Boroko.

The youths also thanked all the media organizations for broadcasting the event as well as other companies who made the rally a successful and meaningful one. PNGFM
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