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Primary School in Port Moresby closed for an indefinite period

Over 1500 students of the St Pauls Primary school in Gerehu NCD have not been attending classes since Thursday last week.

The school was ordered to suspend classes and close up for an indefinite period of time by the NCDC Health Inspectors due to deteriorating facilities on the school ground.

NCDC Health Inspectors have recommended that the school;
• fix its toilet facilities,
• replace old water taps with new ones
• Repair the podium at the assembly area
• And the general cleanliness of the entire school ground

The Health Inspectors have made it clear that classes will only resume when these recommendations are met.

Due to lack of funding, the school is not able to meet the recommendations made by NCDC in a short period of time.

Therefore, a call has been made to all parents of students attending St Pauls Primary to attend an urgent P&C meeting this Saturday to see how best they can assist the school to reopen.

The Interim Chairman for the school representing the parents, Mr Tom Kildi said no help has come from the authorities since the closing of the school and they are left with no choice but to do maintenance at their own cost.

“If we keep waiting on the Education Department or others to address this issue, it might take months or we might wait forever”

“For the sake of our kids, I’m asking all the parents to attend this very urgent meeting so we can find ways to address this issue and have our kids back at class as soon as possible” said Mr Kildi.

Mr Kildi also reminded parents that the grade eight students will be sitting for their mock exam around this time which is why it is important to get this issue out of the way by this week or early next week.
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