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PNG Trade Union Congress welcomes court decision

PNG Trade Union Congress general secretary John Paska has welcomed the national court decision in recognising the PNGTUC as the legitimate workers union in PNG.

The National Court of Waigani has ruled against the PNG Trade Union Congress revitalisation committee under the chairmanship of one Ugwalubu Mowana.

Mr Paska said the ruling now paves the way for the PNGTUC to focus on what it does best and that is representing the interests of workers.

Among other things Justice Allen David ruled that;

 Ugwalubu Mowana had no legal mandate or standing vested in him by the rules and constitution of the PNGTUC in the management and day to day conduct of the PNGTUC.

 The purported Special Conference conducted on 8th April 2016 at the Port Moresby Gerehu High School was null and void and the resolutions passed therein are of no legal effect.

 Members of the Revitalisation committee are barred from entering and occupying the offices of the PNGTUC and interfering with its normal daily operations.

 Costs be met by the Defendant Ugwalubu Mowana.

“While we are happy with the ruling we will take a hard look at the negative consequences of the actions of the so called revitalisation committee in particular Mowana and take appropriate actions in line with the constitution.” Mr Paska said

“No doubt as a result of his actions Mowana completely destabilised the union movement. Such actions cannot and must never be condoned.”

Mr Paska said it is not the first time such attempts have been made to undermine the PNGTUC and unity of the union movement. He further added that it is also not the first time for Mowana either to be involved in such destabilising activity.

He said in 1989 Mowana was amongst the PNGTA crowd that pulled out of the PNGTUC.

“The union movement is political and as political organisations go, every once in a while “cavalier cowboys and clowns” surface with ulterior motives under the pretext of offering miracle cures to fix organisational problems.

“Unfortunately because they lack competence, they miss diagnose and prescribe the wrong prescriptions which worsen the problem.”

“I humbly submit cowboys work in paddocks while clowns work in circuses. There’s some ranch in Texas advertising for cowboys and a Minstrel circus missing a couple of clowns in the Congo of all places.”

“The PNGTUC is neither a paddock nor circus. It is an institution that has secured the respect of the workers l governments and employer organizations both locally and internationally. We intend to keep it that way.” Paska said. Press Release
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