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Alarm over increasing number of Asian businesses in Port Vila

 Port Vila politician, Jean Claude Toure-Garae, is calling on the  Vanuatu Government to do something about the fast-growing number of Asians businesses, springing up in Vanuatu’s capital. 

He said both the national government and the Opposition as well as the Port Vila Municipality and other national authorities must not continue to turn a blind eye on the issue.

“Our government and its institutions such as the Vanuatu Investment and Promotion Authority(VIPA), the Labour Department, the immigration and others cannot continue to allow more Asians to come in and set up businesses in Port Vila and even the fringes of Vanuatu’s capital,” said Toure-Garae.

He said he understands that the Asians have even gone into business categories that in his opinion is supposed to be reserved for Ni-Vanuatu.

“The Asians Businesses such as wholesale and retail shops are springing up everywhere, he said.

"Some of these businesses in my opinion are supposed to be reserved for the Ni-Vanuatu but now we see Asians trading in these sector or category of businesses. They are pushing our own people into the fringes of Port Vila. They are overtaking shops and are also operating businesses that should be reserve for Ni-Vanuatu women, and i am not at all pleased about this and believe other Ni-Vans holding the same views."

"Are our national leaders and public servants being bribed to allow more and more Asians to flock into Vanuatu’s capital and do such businesses in the name of development?" he questioned.

The Port Vila politician said there are more wholesalers, retail shops including takeaway food shops, and other general merchandise goods shops own and run by the Asians in Port Vila than other foreign national businesses.

“It is quite obvious that the Asians have strong financial backing and knowledge of dealing businesses compared to our own Ni-Vans who want to deal businesses, but it does not mean that the national government an its agents should just approve and allow these Asians to come in and establish businesses here. The national government must also make sure that the Ni-Vans are given financial opportunities as well as business guide to help them be successful,” said Toure-Garae.

“I hope that the national government does not just allow more Asians to come in and establish businesses in Port Vila and Vanuatu in exchange of developments or revenue gain at the expense of the space and opportunities that should be reserved for Ni-Vans only.

“Even tourism-related activities that are supposed to be reserved for Ni-Vans only are now taken over by the Asians, which is the reason i am calling on the national government to do something about this before we see these Asians over take the whole of Port Vila and other urban centers of Vanuatu," he said.

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