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PNG Power LTD to restore power supply in Earthquake disasters areas

Press Release

The recent earthquake in Tari, Hela Province has cut off power supply to customers in Tari, however, the PNG Power Ltd (PPL) management is already making plans to restore power in Tari, and reconnect customers affected in Mendi and Ialibu.

PPL power assets in Tari have been badly damaged and there is no power generation at the moment.

Tree branches have fallen onto power poles, transformers and high voltage (HV) power lines. Power poles are leaning sideways where landslips occurred. Power lines are entangled and most of them are lying on the ground.

The huge cracks along the highway are making it impossible to transport fuel to the Tari power station for power generation. The two (2) generators were safe, however technicians need to check them
before they are powered on.

Office equipment at the PPL Tari Office were destroyed and cut off communication with the National Office and other centres.

A massive line clearance is required as the damages are severe. Even today the earthquake is still continuing and many more power assets are likely to be damaged.

PPL will face the challenge in transporting materials to Tari, and it would take at least six (6) weeks to restore supply once the materials are on site.

In Mendi, four (4) transformers and six (6) HV poles and lines were damaged. Low voltage (LV) power lines have fallen thus cutting off supply to some customers.

However, PPL is prioritizing the Mendi Hospital and township with the supply coming from Pauanda hydro station.

PPL lost two (2) power poles in Ialibu due to landslide and there is limited power supply to Ialibu Township.

PPL technical teams in Mendi and Ialibu have commenced work and customers should receive full supply in approximately two (2) week.
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