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PNG PM O’Neill meets Bishop

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said yesterday that Papua New Guinea has a true friend in Australia which the country has seen demonstrated in the response to the Highlands earthquake.

Mr O’Neill met with visiting Foreign Minister Julie Bishop immediately after arrival from Australia in Port Moresby to discuss a wealth of issues high on agenda – earthquake assistance, APEC 2018, Manus and the bilateral relationship.

“Papua New Guinea has a true friend in Australia and we have seen this demonstrated in the response to the Highlands earthquake,” Mr O’Neill said last night.

“Australian Defence Force aircraft and helicopters were deployed to deliver food, water and medicines to our people in remote areas.

“Papua New Guinea is hosting APEC and we look forward to Prime Minister Turnbull, and Foreign Minister Bishop, returning to Port Moresby for the APEC Summit in November.

“Hosting APEC is a proud achievement for Papua New Guinea, as we are bringing some of the largest economies of the world to our country.

“Through our enduring Defence and Police co-operation, we are strengthening Papua New Guinea’s security capacity for APEC and beyond.

“Security engagement is the main focus of Papua New Guinea’s engagement with Australia for APEC and we appreciate this co-operation. I know Minister Bishop has had the opportunity to visit some of the venues Papua New Guinea is building for APEC operations.

“APEC Haus, the refurbishments to Morauta Haus and other venues Papua New Guinea is delivering are world class and will have a lasting legacy.

“Australia has hosted APEC and other major events such as the G-20 Summit, and we are sharing technical information from their experiences.” Post Courier/ONE PNG
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