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NCSL Visits employees of Frieda River - PANAUST Limited

Encouraging and promoting a savings culture is vital in empowering people to grow their wealth and NCSL continues to carry out financial awareness to reach out to people in not only urban townships but rural and remote areas as well.

NCSL’s Marketing Officer, Mr Jasper Kinaram conducted an awareness presentation to over 40 employees of PanAust Limited located at Frieda River, in West Sepik Province.

The awareness presentation covered the importance and benefits of saving money, which assist with meeting future requirements like customary obligations and acquiring assets that would improve standards of living.

Mr Kinaram said most employees who attended the awareness session were interested in the different savings accounts and the low interest rate on loans offered by the Society.

“Existing members were very happy with NCSL’s new and enhanced self-service systems which are more convenient especially in remote locations,” said Kinaram.

Most employees at Frieda are locals who are employed on casual basis and wanted to know how best NCSL can assist them with saving money for rainy days.

The awareness visit was arranged by the Senior Human Resource Officer of PanAust Ltd Mr. Raymond Lega and funded by Frieda River—PanAust Ltd to bring financial literacy to its employees.

NCSL Marketing team has plans to visit other mining sites and other provinces this year. These visits are scheduled upon confirmation from companies who want to receive financial awareness on NCSL’s products and services.
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