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French Navy to deliver 10 tonnes of relief supplies to PNG

In the height of disaster relief operations into earthquake affected areas, yet another of PNGs’bilateral partners has stepped up to the plate.

The National Government of France, through the French Embassy in PNG has announced the donation of about 10 tonnes of relief supplies bound for the Southern Highlands and Hela provinces.

After about a month-long ocean voyage, the French navy frigate Vendémiare will be making port in Port Moresby next Monday (March 26), with its cargo of rice, canned tuna, corned beef and bottled water, before redeploying from PNG on Wednesday.

The supplies will be cached at a storage facility until preparations can be made to transport them to the 26 care centers and outlying communities throughout the affected region. Over the past fortnight, PNG has seen an overwhelming response from the international community, including development partners, donors and other humanitarian organisations,who have raised their hands to assist in relief efforts.

Emergency Disaster Restoration Teamcontroller, Dr William Hamblin said during a press conference earlier this week that his team is also seeking a grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to give a much needed boost to relief efforts. Dr Hamblin further highlighted that his team has also received many donations in cash and kind from private companies and individuals.

“We’ve also been in touch through the United Nations (UN), with the ADB and we are seeking a US$3 million grant from the ADB for relief purposes. While we can’t guarantee it, we’re very hopeful of getting that to assist,” he said.

“We continue to have various donors contact us. Some of their donations are in kind while others are in cash and we’re putting those funds that are arriving by check or direct deposit into the nominated trust account.

“We’ve had in the trust account, not only large donations, but we’ve seen donations from private individuals, K100 to K1,000 have gone in there. Dr Hamblin also said that all donations going into the EDRT trust account will be receipted, and the account will be reconciled for full transparency on how the funds are being utilized.

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