March 26, 2018

Fisheries in Morobe Province

The government through the National Fisheries Authority looking at increasing employments and productions within the factories as part of growing the fisheries industry in the country and Morobe province is the most important player at the moment.

John Kasu, Managing Director of National Fisheries Authority highlighted this saying a lot of projects are happening in Morobe including the upcoming Wagang Fisheries Wharf.

Mr Kasu says most of the most of the fishing vessels with catches to offload are currently using the Frabelle Fishing wharf and the turnaround time for those boats are a couple of weeks so the government has prioritised a dedicated wharf at Wagang.

Mr Kasu, says the Wagang fisheries wharf will be catering for the big fishing vessels that come into land or offload catches, mostly tuna, for the processing plants.

Mr Kasu says this is one of the important projects that NFA is working alongside with the Morobe provincial government as well as the landowners.

Apart from that NFA have other programs like the Voco Point fisheries hub which they have already purchased and will develop into a small office facility that will house a number of corporaties as well as a number of the offices that will be situated there.

He says that is one of the developments that NFA is looking at, working alongside with the provincial government to have that in place this year and the plans are already in place and they are looking at carrying out the design and feasibilty phase for the project to commence.

NBC News - Gabriel Lahoc