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ExxonMobil Provides $1 Million for Earthquake Relief Efforts in Papua New Guinea

Exxon Mobil Corporation said that it is providing $1 million for the humanitarian relief effort in Papua New Guinea to assist communities affected by a powerful earthquake and aftershocks in the country’s Highlands area.
“We are deeply saddened by the devastation this earthquake has brought to Papua New Guinea,” said Darren W. Woods, chairman and chief executive officer. "Our highest priority remains the safety and security of people in the Highlands community. It’s our hope that our contributions of funding, equipment and other support will provide some relief in a very challenging situation.”
ExxonMobil is assisting national and international aid agencies and relief organizations with rapid response community assessments. The company is sourcing tarpaulins, water purification tablets, water containers, food and other humanitarian supplies, and is working with essential service providers to pre-position and distribute resources to areas in the greatest need. ExxonMobil is also helping to re-establish reliable communications, providing phones to relief agencies and organizing community meetings.
“In response to the prime minister’s immediate state of emergency, we have committed to deploying our expertise and resources to aid recovery efforts in the wake of this natural disaster,” said Andrew Barry, managing director of ExxonMobil PNG. “We are working closely with the National Disaster Centre, aid agencies and our community partners to determine where best to direct our resources.”
On Thursday, ExxonMobil, utilizing a company-chartered helicopter, led a team of emergency assessment and relief personnel on one of the first visits to the Highlands area since the disaster. On board were disaster assessors from international aid agencies and representatives of various relief organizations including the United Church, Salvation Army, International Organisation for Migration,
Adventist Development and Relief Agency and the United Nations Development Programme.
Anticipating immediate resource needs, the team delivered essentials, including shelter equipment, water and sanitation support to the Para Health Clinic, which serves the Para, Tokaju and Hides areas.
Meanwhile, the company continues to assess operations and facilities in the country. Operations have been safely shut down at two liquefied natural gas trains at its PNG LNG plant near Port Moresby, the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant and Hides well pads in Hela Province, and non-essential personnel from the Hides plant have been evacuated. There is no damage to the pipeline and no reports of gas leaks from the complexes.
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