March 26, 2018

Digicel Cup : Waghi Tumbe Squad Named

The Giru Waghi Tumbe rugby league squad for the 2018 Digicel Cup competition has been named. Franchise Chairman Frederick Koldop said the squad was finalised following the successful Governors Cup tournament held over the weekend.
The squad is:

1. Steven Pet
2. Abel Funke
3. Emmanuel Waine
4. Joda Wesley
5. Joe frank
6. Korigan Apa
7. Goi Kants Sakipo
8. Bruce Kawage
9. Joshua Nani
10. Sipa Koriki
11. Frank Kagai Jr
12. Francis Sam
13. Raven Jonah
14. Joseck Wesley
15. Wari Molu
16. Sam Ngend
17. Mosley tika
18. Solo menti
19. Bes Danny
20. Paul Koi
21. Isreal Balio
22. Joe Honk
23. Michael Timbi
24. Rex Opa
25. Andrew Ipi
26. Isaiah Tali.
27. Joe kit.

Head coach: Francis Ray
Assistant coach: Mah Wus
Head trainer: Dusty Mogli
Ass trainer: Thompson Atep
Team Manager: Joe McConnor
Team Doctor: Siwi Gal

Chairman Koldop has urged all the squad members and coaching staff to assemble at Ugulbeng oval in Mt Hagen tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 3pm for a briefing and training session.