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Search resumes for pilot school plane missing in Fiji’s northern division

The search for the overdue Cessna 172 training aircraft resumed this morning in Fiji after the search was called off at the Korotari Mountains outside Labasa last night.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro says the search is being conducted by the Police and the military adding it was called off due to bad weather.

Naisoro says the search is currently underway near Vunikavula hills.

She said there was no development on the missing plane and the two passengers when the search was called off.

The Pacific Flying School (PFS) says the aircraft was under the command of Iliesa Tawalo who was overseeing training for two students.

PFS says one of the students, got off in Labasa while Tawalo and the remaining student continued their training to Savusavu.

The intention was to land in Savusavu but apparently the weather was not conducive for the aircraft to land and they decided to try to get to Labasa.

That was the last communication between the aircraft and the Airports Fiji Limited Tower.

Airports Fiji Limited says the aircraft was overdue after failing to report to Labasa Airport at around 12.15pm Monday afternoon.

A search team was activated Monday to search for the training aircraft which was last seen over Korotari in Labasa around 12:30pm.

Three teams which is headed by the Divisional Commander North are currently searching the Korotari area.

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