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Four woman inmates escape PNG's Baisu Prison

Four women prisoners at Baisu Jail in Western Highlands Province escaped in the early hours of Sunday morning.
The four – two detainees and two convicts – were aided by deteriorating fencing which allowed the prisoners to remove the rusty fence with ease and escaped.
According to a witness (named), the prisoners had monitored the movement of the night shift guards to ensure they were not disturbed in their escape bid.
The witness said that the four prisoners must have spent the whole night digging up the soil underneath the fence and escaped in the morning.
“More women prisoners could have escaped if they had enough time. But the time, 6am, could not permit more to escape,” he said.
He said they (guards) had seen male prisoners break out from Baisu Jail and from other jails in the country, but an escape by women prisoners is rare.
Baisu jail commander Timbi Kagula confirmed the escape, saying the escape was made possible by the rusty fence.
Mr Kagula said he had assigned his deputy to carry out an investigation into the escape of the prisoners.
He called on the public and the communities in the province to keep an eye out for the four female prisoners.
Mr Kagula said Baisu Jail needs renovation as the fence and the buildings are deteriorating and the facilities were not renovated.
He called on the people in the province not to accommodate the prisoners but hand the prisoners back to the jail to serve their terms.
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