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Solomon Islands Police urges Renbel Province to assist police maintain law and order

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) urges people in the Rennell-Bellona Province to assist the police in maintaining law and order in the communities of the Province and to leave internal matters within the Force to be sorted out administratively.

“I want to appeal to all leaders both at the provincial and community level and the people on both Rennell and Bellona islands to assist members of the RSIPF posted in that Province maintain law and order so our people will continue to enjoy the security and peace currently enjoyed by our people throughout the country,” says Supervising Commissioner of Police, Juanita Matanga.

Ms Matanga adds: “Policing within our communities cannot be successful without the full cooperation of members of the communities in our country.”

“There will be other issues involving the performance of individual officers within the Force which can only be dealt with according to set policies with the RSIPF as a disciplined organisation which members of the public have to respect,” says Supervising Commissioner, Matanga.

“I want to commend the law abiding citizens of this country including that in the Renbel Province for their continuing support for the work of the police including the implementation of the Crime Prevention Strategy which has already resulted in the reduction of crime in some of our provinces.”

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