January 24, 2018

Port Moresby's Lareva, Erima and Tokarara markets to be developed

The Lareva, Erima and Tokarara markets in Port Moresby will be developed further, says deputy city manager Ted Lulu.
He said that the development of these markets was the primary focus of the National Capital District Commission’s market division in 2018.
“Our primary focus in terms of provision of market infrastructure will be Lareva at Hohola, Erima Wildlife Reserve land and Tokarara,” Lulu said.
He said NCDC was looking to develop Wildlife into a wholesale and retail market, Tokarara to have a new market and Waigani to undergo a facelift.
Lulu said the Manu Autoport Market would be closed soon because vendors were selling in front of residences.
“Ideally, they (Manu) should be relocated to Sabama,” he said.
“It is illegal to trade or sell in residential areas and reserves. Manu market will be closed. It is only a matter of time.”
Lulu said NCDC would consider developing a market at Taurama.
He said the 5-Mile market opposite the Rev Sione Kami Church was a reserve.
Lulu said given the need for mini-markets within precincts, NCDC had allowed this market temporary respite.
He said work on the Gordon and 6-Mile markets would be completed by the middle of next year.