January 11, 2018

Morobe PPC : Bulolo detainees will not be released

Morobe Provincial Police Commander Augustine Wampe has brushed aside talks on detainees to be released from Bulolo police station cell due to constant water problems which was condemned by local health authorities.
As reported in one of the daily’s, Bulolo Police Station Commander, Inspector Leo Kaikas said the police station cell has been condemned by local health authorities because of constant water problems.
As a result, he has been forced to release the detainees except for nine who are considered dangerous and a pose a risk to the community.
However, PPC Wampe said the detainees will not be released, as there has not been any form of dialogue between Bulolo Police Station Commander and himeself.
“He said “the station is under my responsibility and I must consulted so that other authorities can be aware of this.”
“He can be arrested for aiding the release of these detainees. He must follow proper channels,” he said.
PPC Wampe added that he cannot release the detainees as only the courts have the right to do so.  PNGFM