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With an increase of violence in all forms in Papua New Guinea, the Government, NGO’s and other community stakeholders have taken a stance against all forms of violence and are calling for an end to this disease affecting the fabric of our society.

Now to compound matters, a video going viral on social media in the past week portraying violence between two artists is definitely not helping.

The video showed a complete disregard for one’s safety and portraying of violence, as if it was acceptable over a trivial matter that could have been dealt with in a more civilized manner; if those who did this were professional about sorting out their grievances.

This is especially true for an industry which has had and will always have some impact on our lives in one way or the other; the Music Industry.

Since the video was posted, quite a number of individuals have strongly come out against this already.

Now joining those is local “King of Tolai Rock“ Leonard Kania Senior, who strongly condemned the video and its contents in an interview with YumiFM News.

“It’s wrong - such acts of cowardice and I am calling on all upcoming Artists and Musician to respect one another and the Music Industry as well, because at the end of the day it is Music that puts food on the table for us, so there must be respect.”

Kania further made a call to the Government of the day to support the Music Industry in PNG and re-emphasized the importance of respecting one another and not to tarnish the good name of the PNG music industry as a whole.

By Roderick MANDAU | PNGFM
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