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Kadovar Volcano information updates - No. 16

As of the 26th of January the eruption continues, much the same as for the last few days. The Main Crater is producing moderate to strong emission of white vapor clouds which is rising to less than 100m before being blown to the E- SE. Visibility is obscured at night by bad weather.

Other summit vents were obscured by emission from the Main Crater. A continuous white steam plume is rising from the SE Coastal Vent to 400m above the island and is then blown to the E – SE but at night bad weather obscures any glow.

Downwind areas are affected by light haze and Seismicity is described as Low to Moderate. Continuing strong Sulphur Dioxide emissions and ongoing seismicity and eruptive activity indicates the situation is still dynamic, but as settled into a reasonable stable situation.

Meanwhile the risk on the Island remains at HIGH and on the Mainland and other nearby island there remains a risk of small Tsunamis. PNGFM
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