January 16, 2018

Bewani health Center closed

The Bewani Health Center in West Sepik Province has been closed because there is no medicine.

The facility has been closed since November last year.

Frustrated Ward 31 Councilor Kapus Nali said the facility, in the Bewani Wutung Onei Local Level Government area, has been experiencing issues with drug supplies since June last year.

But it was not until November that the health facility closed its doors.

Councilor Nali says this has caused a lot of difficulties for the people and especially expecting mothers.

He's calling on the district and provincial health divisions to come clean and explain why there is no supply of drugs.

Mr Nali says health service to the people is very important and wants relevant authorities to address the issue.

NBC News - Chrisilla Kabe Talis (Vanimo)
Photo: Deep in Bewani mountains