Revised Education Subsidy Broadened in NIP

New Ireland Province has broadened its Education Subsidy Policy providing help for the first time to students seeking tertiary education overseas including Post Graduate studies.

Governor Sir Julius Chan said the PEC at its meeting last Tuesday 19th December 2017 reviewed the Education Subsidy Policy and approved the new policy guidelines to maximize use of internal revenues to build the human resource for the future.

The Chief Executive Officer for Subsidy Unit, Mrs. Mactil Bais, presented the Subsidy Revised Policy Papers to the PEC.

“Under the new policy guidelines, we will be able to provide the same level of tertiary subsidy support of K2, 500 to students that are accepted at approved overseas tertiary institutions and boost their chances of success,” said Sir J.

“PEC has also reinstituted the Post Graduate Scholarship policy to support successful students that take studies in post graduate faculties defined in the Policy. They include studies in the areas of Mining Engineering, Deep Sea Marine Engineering, Environmental Science, Natural Resources and Petroleum and Gas Engineering.”

PEC approved the guidelines to tighten control and monitoring of the subsidy policy with the hope that certain of the post graduate students can return to New Ireland and devote some years working within the Government to return the goodwill and favour in their education learning.

New Ireland introduced Free and Subsidized Education in 2008 and for 4 years carried all internal students from Elementary right through to Grade 10, and subsidized 75% for Grades 11 and 12 students and all those in Vocational, Colleges and Universities.

Since 2012 when the National Government adopted the policy and introduced Tuition Fee Free Education, New Ireland continued to support all tertiary students with annual K2, 500 subsidy and allowances for school rations and freight costs at K10, 000 per year.

Sir J said, “Although approved 2 years ago by the Prime Minister, New Ireland is still waiting for Waigani to handover the oversight of TFF to New Ireland given our experience and know-how to run the policy locally.”

He said, “There is no reason for any school to close down for lack of TFF funding and the experience of shortages of rations and operational funds warrants a proper audit to be carried out to ascertain the causes of these shortages.

“This is what autonomy is all about and we know the hardships and challenges having trialed t
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