December 23, 2017

No Leave fares for WHP Teachers

The unavailability of funds in the Western Highlands Province, is likely to affect teachers annual leave fares for 2017.

Western Highlands Acting Provincial Administrator Stanley Maip said, this problem arose because they actually requested for 1 point 5 million kina, but were only given 452 Thousand kina.

"This amount is much less than half of what was requested and budgeted for," said Mr Maip.

Maip adds that the provincial treasury does not have enough liquidity to cater for the initial leave fare.

Maip sympathies with the teachers saying it is their legal entitlements but the provincial administration cannot do anything about it as it has no funds available.

The WH Acting Provincial Administrator stress that the annual teachers leave fares is always budgeted in the national governments’ budget annually and cannot make out what went wrong to jeopardize the teachers leave fares for this year.

He is calling on all the teachers of the province to understand the situation and not to take it up into their own hands.

NBC News-Vanessa Ripa (Mt Hagen).