December 26, 2017

No landowner group to claim PNG offshore Gas project

Papua New Guinea's Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta says it is preposterous that any Gulf local would claim ownership of the Pasca A4 Gas Condensate Field.

The Gas Field development by Twinza Oil Limited, which lies nearly 100 kilometres offshore from the Gulf Provincial coastline, is currently undergoing negotiations.

Haiveta made the comments following the recent flaring of the Pasca A4 Gas Condensate Well.

When queried over potential issues that may be raised by locals over ownership, Governor Haiveta said the project is well out of the local fishing boundary.

“The project is nearly 100km. Which Gulf man in his right mind will paddle all the way out 100 kilometres and claim it belongs to them?

“The laws are very clear, 3 miles which are traditional landowners, their fishing rights, then we have a 12-mile provincial limit, then we have a 200-mile economic zone,” said Haiveta.

The Governor however expects dialogue with Twinza and the National Government over benefit sharing agreements and downstream processing.

“We’ll be having robust discussions both with the state and of course Twinza on Domestic Market Obligation, which I would like to thank Twinza for making a principal commitment to support and of course in the gas agreement, sitting down with both the Minister and Twinza to work out how we are going to be involved in a meaningful way.

“That involves equity and revenue sharing, taxation of course, development levy, royalties and so forth.”