December 21, 2017

More MPs joins PM's PNC Party

One more to the fold and Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is happy the 40th MP to be in his People’s National Congress (PNC) Party has been pursuing similar policies.

Kerowagi MP Bari Palma, formerly of the PNG Party and currently the vice-minister for mining, formerly joined the PNC Wednesday.

O’Neill said he appreciated Palma’s insights into what the ruling party was capable of in terms of providing services at district and provincial levels. “This brings the total number of PNC party members to 40,” he said.

“I congratulate Palma on his recent win in the court of disputed returns. This has proven he is the choice of the people of Kerowagi.

“We welcome him to the party. Palma is a newly-elected member and has been working with us over the last three months.

“All our party executives are now aware of our new member, and we look forward to working with him and the people of Kerowagi (in Chimbu) in the next five years.

“More importantly, key commitments that Palma mentioned during the elections were similar to PNC’s party policies. So we look forward to working closely with him.” Palma said he had consulted his electorate about moving to the ruling party which they agreed to.

“I need to work with a leader that has been vibrant since the last term. We want to work together to continue the stability and good governance of this government,” Palma said.