December 25, 2017

Missing WW1 submarine found near the Duke of York Islands in PNG

Source: Australian War Memorial (HMAS AE1 in foreground)
A CENTURY-long search with numerous fruitless attempts to find HMAS AE1 has concluded with the submarine's discovery under water near the Duke of York Islands in Papua New Guinea.

The 55m long submarine was the first of its kind for the Australian fleet.

According to ABC News, 12 previous private and government-funded expeditions over the years failed to find the vessel.

The most recent search began last week and concluded on Wednesday, finding the AE1 under 300m of water.

Previous searches narrowed down the search area and newer technologies were used to discover the final location.

A deep drop camera confirmed the missing submarine was missing no longer.

The exact location of the wreck will not be revealed immediately, with both the Australian and Papua New Guinean governments working to preserve the site and plan a lasting commemoration.

Australian Defence Minister Marise Payne said Australia's oldest naval mystery had been solved.

"It was … a significant tragedy felt by our nation and our allies," she said.

"The boat and her crew, who've been on eternal patrol since 1914 … have now been found.

"I truly trust that this discovery will bring peace of mind to the descendants of the families of the crew who lost their lives on board and perhaps in time it may also enable us to discover what caused the submarine to sink."

The submarine had a crew of 35 when it went missing off the coast of the Duke of York Islands in September 1914. PNG Industrial News