Published On:December 29, 2017
Posted by Staff Report

ABG to approve agriculture commodities to be exported from Bougainville

By Aloysius Laukai | Dawn FM

The Autonomous Bougainville hopes to collect more monies from the Agriculture sector in the new year once a bill to the Cabinet is approved for all Agriculture commodities to be exported out of Bougainville.
This was revealed by the Minister for Department of Primary Industry, NICHOLAS DARKU when answering questions raised by the ABG member for NISSAN, JERRY NAPTO who wanted to know when the ABG would pass the bill to allow all Bougainville Agriculture commodities to be exported out of Bougainville.
Minister DARKU said that a bill to parliament has been prepared and would be tabled to the March session of the ABG sitting for approval.
New Dawn FM understands that Bougainville needs a commodity board to regulate and collect export fees from exporters.
Currently these fees are collected by KIK for all Bougainville Copra exports and COCOA BOARD for all cocoa exported out of Rabaul and Lae.


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