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Inaugural PNG Political Parties Expo

The first of its kind Political Parties Expo was held on Saturday the 25th of November at the Sir John Guise Stadium Indoor Complex with the aim of creating awareness, educating people about Political Parties and getting people to affiliate themselves with Political Parties and the policies these Political Parties have on how they want to develop the country.

There were panel discussions and Panel 1 discussion was on Democracy, Good Governance and the role of Political Parties which explain why political parties were important to our democracy and the importance of the Integrity of Political Parties & Candidates Commission (IPPCC) working with Political Parties.

Panel 2, looked at Elections overall: The Role of Voters, Candidates, Political Parties and the PNG Election Commission and what its role is in PNG’s democracy and how can candidates nominate for the 2018 LLG elections as well as the 2022 National Elections. And what needs to be done to ensure that elections are free, fair and inclusive.
Panel 3 was all about promoting Women’s Political Participation during the Electoral Cycle which touched on the history of efforts to support women’s participation through law reform and what IPPCC is proposing to do to support women candidates.
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