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Trade missions to help business in PNG and Australia

Pacific Islands Trade and Investment general manager, Chad Morris says trade missions have increased business opportunities for both Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Morris said many of the companies in Australia have been eyeing certain project areas in the country including future projects.

He said the mission visit in partnership with Austrade has created a platform for Australian businesses to operate in the market.

It has also enabled businesses to meet with the right people to engage in certain projects including future projects.

“I think there has been interest in some of the projects and I think there are also interests in further projects that the Asain Development Bank (ADB), World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) have.

Hopefully there will be a follow on visit or meeting that will take place in the next six months,” he said.

Inquick Bridging Systems managing director Logan Mullaney said the mission visit facilitated by the Pacific Trade Investment (PTI) and Austrade was a good opportunity because it has enabled industry leaders to meet with them.

Mullaney said it allows the relationships to start as well as continuing on with the established relationships the two countries have.

“We don’t have an office in country but we’re looking at options depending on the companies that we will partner with.

“They will give us the opportunity to do that so it’s been great being here with the Austrade and Pacific Trade Investment, which has opened doors to lots of opportunities that are happening and the businesses and the government has been very accommodating in allowing us to come here,” Mullaney said.

He said as they partner with local businesses, they would work with the local community and ensure there are long term benefits for the country in the long run....PACNEWS

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