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PNG welcomes cooperation on climate change

Climate change is not only a global issue but one that is fundamentally and morally a core issue for Pacific Islands states, including Papua New Guinea.
Fiji is leading COP23 in 2018, and Civil Aviation Minister, Alfred Manase, who is attending the pre-COP23 meeting in Fiji, said the government and the people of PNG wished to learn from Fiji’s best practices, particularly on climate financing and the establishment and implementation of the climate financing mechanisms.

“It is important to establish an understanding with Fiji on their proposed innovations during their presidency of COP23, hence, at these meetings, I conveyed PNG’s support and welcomed closer cooperation between the two countries on climate change.
“As the two largest Pacific Small Developing States (PSIDS), PNG and Fiji must continue to work closely not only to exhibit leadership but also to solicit regional solidarity for continued global awareness, action and partnerships to address our challenges,” he said.
On climate financing, it was also released that Fiji would be announcing a ‘Green Bond’ initiative during the pre-COP.

He also said that a regional approach was also being developed on the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The NDC hub would be funded by the Government of Germany, and would comprise a leader, four technical and two administrative staff.
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