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PM O'Neill announces caretaker cabinet

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s caretaker cabinet has been sworn in this afternoon at the Government House. And Alotau MP Charles Abel is the Deputy Prime Minister in the caretaker government.
1. PETER O’NEILL – Prime Minister & NEC, Bougainville Affairs
2. CHARLES ABEL – Deputy Prime Minister, Treasury, Forestry, Civil Aviation, Sports and APEC, Lands and Physical Planning
3. WILLIAM DUMA – Petroleum and Energy, Housing and Urbanization, Public Enterprise and State Investments, Transport, Agriculture and Livestock.
4. SIR PUKA TEMU – Public Service, Education, Health, Higher Education, Research Science and Technology and Information.
5. JAMES MARAPE – Finance, Fisheries, Police, Works Attorney General and Justice.
6. RICHARD MARU – National Planning and Monitoring, Labour and Industrial Relations, Trade, Commerce and Industry, Communication and Information Technology.
7. RIMBINK PATO – Foreign Affairs and Immigrations, Correctional Service, Defence, Community Development, Youth and Religion.
8. JOHNSON TUKE – Mining, Culture and Tourism, Provincial Affairs, Environment and Conservation and Climate Change. PNGFM
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