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8 yr old wins Hela Provincial Health Authority Logo comp

AN eight-year-old school girl’s ability to connect the traditional culture of Hela with modern health care themes has landed her a K500 cheque from a logo competition.
Grade 4 student, Jesmine Armitage, surprised many when her logo design was selected by the Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA) ahead of 24 other submissions.
The HPHA ran a province-wide competition last year calling for designs that incorporate both health and Hela themes. Each logo reviewed by senior health officers across the HPHA. All artists’ details were withheld to ensure bias did not affect the decision making process and the three top submissions in order of merit were presented to the HPHA Board for approval.
The top three designers were then invited to attend a presentation ceremony at the Hela Provincial Hospital and to the surprise of all the winning logo was submitted by Jesmine. She was asked to explain the meaning of her logo to a large crowd gathered for the announcement and she received huge applause for her beautiful, well-spoken and very clear explanation.
HPHA’s Director Corporate Services, Elizabeth Boyd said; “We had an excellent response to the competition with over 24 submissions from a wide age range of people. It was particularly wonderful to have so many young people get involved, demonstrating an interest in not only health but also the future of Hela.”
Jesmine’s design has been slightly amended and has now become the logo for the Hela Provincial Health Authority.
When asked what she would do with the K500 she had won for her logo, she said she would use the money to assist her family attend a new church opening in Margarima.
Her mother works away from home in Hides and her aunt Cynthia, who works at the Hela Provincial Hospital, helps in her and her sister’s and cousin’s upbringing. Jesmine’s grandmother, who is a school principal, also helps.
Jesmine is in Grade 4 at the ACE School in Tari but she has lofty dreams of becoming a pilot one day. And judging by her outlook of life, education and upbringing, she could very well be on her way to flying over the skies of Hela and PNG.
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